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Configuration Management

The Business Challenge:

  • An important defense organisation identified a systemic weakness in the processes of configuration management (CM)
  • This weakness showed up because of an in-ability to access valid data about all aspects associated with managing change the impact of change on key enterprise activities
  • The main hindrance was identified as being able to access the correct technical information about change
  • The customer identified a need to investigate and develop methods and tools to enhance the capability management and the performance of systems and platforms associated with CM

Approach adopted by Direct Focus:

Phase 1: Literature review

  • A literature review was undertaken to identify examples of best practice CM and potential innovations and technological advances that could have benefits to the application of CM ? as relevant to the customer

Phase 2:Interviews with customer personnel and other action research

  • The interviews identified strengths and weaknesses regarding existing approaches to CM within the customer enterprise
  • Other research was undertaken to determine how other organisations dealt with CM, issues of responsibility and the adoption of standards

Phase 3: Analysis, review and identification of critical issues

  • Critical thinking was applied to identify the key issues
  • Areas of concern and potential were identified in relation to practices, policies, requirements for the future platforms

Phase 4: Recommendations

  • Key recommendations were summarised to address the challenges associated with establishing linkages between materials resource planning processes, (MRP), design and engineering product data management, document and content management, product configuration management, maintenance management, the supply system, recording and reporting tools, logistics analysis tools and mobile workforce strategies

Outcomes to Customer:

  • The customer was able to secure independent advice about CM practices from a range of different sources and organisations
  • Senior management empowered to make critical strategy decisions in the implementation of CM best practice
  • Project led to an effective CM strategy being adopted over a framework of several years
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