Case Study Details

Organisation Review

The Business Challenge:

  • A government enterprise had established a business model based on significant capital expenditure
  • The expected cash flows arising from new capital expenditures were not realised

Approach adopted by Direct Focus

Phase 1: Research and review

  • DirectFocus implemented a review of business strategy and financial commitments, including an analysis of the industry which the government enterprise was located (the leisure industry)

Phase 2: Submission of written report

  • DirectFocus provided a written report outlining its finding to the customer
  • A short term financial bail out was recommended
  • Recommendations regarding the strategic issues involved were also included in the written report

Outcomes to Customer

  • The customer was provided with clear and validated information outlining the full extent of the problem being faced
  • The customer was able to use this report to make a case for a financial injection into the enterprise
  • The financial investment was successfully concluded as a direct result of Direct Focus’s diligent work
  • An on-going review of the industry was initiated with the view of ensuring a future financial bail out would not be required

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