Case Study Details

Enterprise Data and Information Management

The Business Challenge:

  • A problem started to emerge for the senior management of a large enterprise because of difficulties in being able to access and analyse enterprise data and information
  • The problem was that new requirements for enterprise knowledge and innovation were not being realised because of this inability to draw upon such data and information in efficient ways
  • The impact on overall competitive advantage was sufficiently large to warrant a new approach to systems integration within the enterprise
  • A vendor solution was identified, but a need arose to ensure the required knowledge objectives were adequately addressed within the implementation plan associated with the vendor solution

Approach adopted by Direct Focus:

Phase 1: Development of detailed functionality specification

  • A specification identifying systems integration requirements (encompassing the likes of payroll, finance, timesheet management, training requirements of personnel, unique numbering of ASCO[1] codes etc) was developed
  • Gaps in current approaches were identified and solutions recommended
  • A detailed project plan was developed in consultation with key stakeholders

[1] ASCO stands for Australian Standard Classification of Occupations

Phase 2: Pilot project

  • User acceptance of the new system was tested
  • An enterprise wide training package was prepared, including the development of a marketing and communications plan to support the roll out of the new system

Phase 3: Implementation

  • System went live with the roll out of a training package delivered to twenty two sites simultaneously over a two week period
  • Continuous improvement opportunities were identified and acted upon

Phase 4: : Extension of service portfolios

  • Development and implementation of other modules incorporated into the new system


Outcomes to Customer:

  • Efficient access to enterprise data and information in ways that useful inferences in the nature of relationships between data and information could be made – thereby leading to enhanced knowledge and innovation opportunities
  • Enterprisewide strategies to support knowledge and innovation opportunities have become much more accessible
  • The project has been regarded as probably the most successful roll out of a new enterprise system by senior management within the enterprise
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